Friday, November 11, 2011


all hair can loc, all hair will left alone...these would be neglect locs

Locs have fascinated me for years...there are sooo many types and ways to start them and different levels of care they receive.

Hubby hates them! He thinks all locs are nasty, and he has told me this a few times now. Of course when you hear something that you know is not true you have this itching to prove it wrong(at least I do) I don't really want locs at this point and probably never really will because 1 Peter 3 and he said "Never have locs" but last week I twisted some strands to get them out of my face and chose not to comb my hair for some reason(probably sheer laziness) the next day my hair still looked great so I left it...and the next day I went to take fix my hair and found the 2 strands I had twisted had kinda locked together and chose to leave them and just keep twisting them up. Day 3 or 4 Hubby sees them and FLIPPED OUT. My stubbornness got to took him days to notice I had twists so I wanted to just continue to leave it and see how long it would take him to notice. It has been a week of no combing and my hair is starting to loc up all over in neglect locs, it may just look like messy hair but its time to comb them out so I won't have locs like he told me, and he never noticed. I love the size the locs are forming but from what I have seen of neglect locs its not what I would want, I would want the hair sectioned. Best advice I have read on locs is educate yourself on them before jumping in.

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