Thursday, April 19, 2012

One of those days!

I know it has been a ridiculously long time since I made a blog. Part of that is because I found out in January that we are expecting an addition again in September! I wanted to keep it to myself a bit and give my family and myself time to bond and felt it was easier to keep mine by not blogging.

Not that its any one's business but Baby #3 was planned for, and God gave us the blessing just a month earlier than we had been hoping for. I am sick of people acting like its some misfortune we must work through because our little star is so young.  She has real attitude and Hubby and I decided that it would be best to add to our family while she is young and can adjust to it well and before her attitude grows to the point we don't feel we could handle more!
I think blogs are boring without pictures so a few of what has been going on lately!
In March my family came to visit, I think a highlight for J was swimming!
About a week later E turned 1! She had an adorable outfit to wear from Tutu Cute!
Not long after that was Easter! J has always been hard to get a picture of on Easter and this was his first year to get candy! I love this one, thinking of using it for the canvas my mom is giving me. The greatest part is I got the photo just before E shoved him away.

So why start blogging again now!?
This has just been one of those days/one of those weeks! Last week J was home for spring break, we had so much fun and he is such a good brother it was easy having him home. This week starting back at school we got back into a routine easily but he got back into his not behaving well routine at school too. The last several months he has been becoming more and more difficult for them at school. He was refusing to hold a pencil at all let alone write his words and numbers for the day. They have been trying different things and I am glad they are just frustrated they have to. Tuesday he was throwing toys and was put in time out and was screaming and being disruptive while in time out. Today he started getting obnoxious again and they sent him to be with the older class and that seemed to help, at least for today. E has decided naps are for the week and has been throwing her own little tantrums, latest one was while I was in the bathroom after removing her several times I just closed the door trusting J to keep her out of trouble the few minutes I needed! She was slamming herself into the door head first! UGH!!! J noticed this was an issue and I heard him talking to her and eventually she stopped headbutting the door and screaming! When I came out I found he had gotten her a book to look at, see I said he was a good brother!

Tonight we have an Orientation at a Public School we are trying to get J into, I love the school he is going to but we can't afford to keep him there and it only has another year or two before we need to find him another school to go to.

Monday, January 9, 2012

I haven't forgotten

I haven't forgotten that I have a Blog to keep up...been thinking about it every week but just never got around to it. So much has changed since Thanksgiving! We drove up to my Grandma's for Christmas and all my family was there! While we all napped off our big dinner Grandpa and hubby encouraged E to stand all the way up on her own...had a rough few days she wouldn't sit or lay down! J has been in school a week now and hubby starts back next week, ready to get back into the swing of things and get our schedules worked out around hubby's work and school schedule.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving Part 2 & Black Friday

I know its a week late, I never got to it last week, then got another cold...I am about to win this battle!<---sorry excuses are like behinds....
So not real sure what I had planned to blog about in my part 2 but I am a HUGE fan of pictures
So onto Black Friday and we will go back to this picture if need be...gotta get my random in ;-)

I do not Black Friday shop, I don't know the last time I did but even then it was a just to get out of the house and walk not a MUST GET THIS DEAL! I can pretty much sum it all up in one sentence...Nothing in a store is worth risking yourself for! This year there were other shootings, robbery attempts, stampedes, arrests, pepper-spraying, and fights and in previous years employees have been trampled to death...really nothing in there worth risking that! I think my opinion on the thought of risking yourself has gotten stronger now that I have kids I need to take care of myself in order to take care of them, but (now we go back to the picture) my kids don't even need those things for it to feel special all day Thanksgiving J kept asking me if it was Christmas because all the food on the table.
5 reasons not to shop

Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving! Part 1

Was thinking this was a "make-up post" since I missed Friday being sick and miserable, but then I decided maybe I should just blog when I feel like it. It totally goes with my randomness and prevents those days when I just don't know what to blog about or having to wait till Friday when I have a great idea, then I forget that great idea by Friday.
Spirit Of Thanksgiving picture
Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday(nobody with the give-mes or I deserves) this year I was just not feeling it. I saw an ad for Tur-Duc-Hens for a store that has a location near J's school. I have always wanted to try one so I thought after I drop him off I will run get one...well they didn't have any not really surprised not an LA thing I am sure. First thing I saw was cranberries! Picked them up and read the bag...decided they were grown too far away for me to buy them, all the way across the country, the LONG way, not thrilling when I know they grow them just one state away. Saw a free range turkey that called to me "Pick me, take me home, I will make the bellies of your family happy!" so I plucked it out of the fridge and brought it home. Just a turkey wouldn't do and we were in desperate need of TP so E and I ran to the store near our house. I wandered ALL the isles they rearranged AGAIN about a month ago and I am still not used to it. grabbed some canned cranberries to go with the Turkey(would you believe I never tried them till a few years ago, because they looked too much like beats...that I tried in like 1st grade and didn't like?) Walked around the store 3 times the third time I finally found some french fried onions for green bean casserole(I was determined to find them, this is our third year here and we have been living without them and the always delicious green bean casserole) then on my way to the checkout I grabbed a box to make stuffing...I hate it but decided its selfish not to make it because I don't like it. I am so excited now I don't know how I will wait till Thursday!!!

Friday, November 11, 2011


all hair can loc, all hair will left alone...these would be neglect locs

Locs have fascinated me for years...there are sooo many types and ways to start them and different levels of care they receive.

Hubby hates them! He thinks all locs are nasty, and he has told me this a few times now. Of course when you hear something that you know is not true you have this itching to prove it wrong(at least I do) I don't really want locs at this point and probably never really will because 1 Peter 3 and he said "Never have locs" but last week I twisted some strands to get them out of my face and chose not to comb my hair for some reason(probably sheer laziness) the next day my hair still looked great so I left it...and the next day I went to take fix my hair and found the 2 strands I had twisted had kinda locked together and chose to leave them and just keep twisting them up. Day 3 or 4 Hubby sees them and FLIPPED OUT. My stubbornness got to took him days to notice I had twists so I wanted to just continue to leave it and see how long it would take him to notice. It has been a week of no combing and my hair is starting to loc up all over in neglect locs, it may just look like messy hair but its time to comb them out so I won't have locs like he told me, and he never noticed. I love the size the locs are forming but from what I have seen of neglect locs its not what I would want, I would want the hair sectioned. Best advice I have read on locs is educate yourself on them before jumping in.

Friday, November 4, 2011


How pathetic is that I am drawing a blank today but its raining so will blog about the rain!

Cold and rainy today so no fun stomping in the puddles
and no fun dancing in the rain

I love when it rains even if its cold. I see it as a cleansing from heaven. God may have promised not to flood the earth again but he doesn't ignore us and he does answer prayers. We need a little help and reminder to cleanse in our life and I think that rain does a great job of that.

My wedding was in the rain.
It may have been frightening to our witnesses, but it was an answer to the local farmers prayers and one of the best days of my life!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween PartA

J's class had their Halloween party today! This is the first year I will let him go ToTing(Trick-or-Treating) so the first year we bought him a costume(he has had a few but they were gifts) So I dropped him off at school at 9 headed home changed a diaper, looked for a camera(didn't find it) called my mom for a quick chat, grabbed the Macaroni and Cheese(I got up at 6AM to make) and headed back out the door for the party.
First we had to wait while they finished the pledge and songs! E played with some other babies close to her age!
Then we headed outside and watched them parade around the playground
They lined up so we could get class photos! Look at all those princesses and fairies
Then they went inside and had story time
Then lunch!
All while E napped
The party was over but there was only enough time for me to go home and turn around and head back but J wasn't ready to go. So we(E and I) stayed while they got in a circle to have some quiet play time while the teachers cleaned up after the party. J's little friend made sure they ended up next to each other by holding hands and dragging him into the circle and not letting go till the circle was complete
They shared costumes and blocks. Its so nice to see him play with friends!