Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween PartA

J's class had their Halloween party today! This is the first year I will let him go ToTing(Trick-or-Treating) so the first year we bought him a costume(he has had a few but they were gifts) So I dropped him off at school at 9 headed home changed a diaper, looked for a camera(didn't find it) called my mom for a quick chat, grabbed the Macaroni and Cheese(I got up at 6AM to make) and headed back out the door for the party.
First we had to wait while they finished the pledge and songs! E played with some other babies close to her age!
Then we headed outside and watched them parade around the playground
They lined up so we could get class photos! Look at all those princesses and fairies
Then they went inside and had story time
Then lunch!
All while E napped
The party was over but there was only enough time for me to go home and turn around and head back but J wasn't ready to go. So we(E and I) stayed while they got in a circle to have some quiet play time while the teachers cleaned up after the party. J's little friend made sure they ended up next to each other by holding hands and dragging him into the circle and not letting go till the circle was complete
They shared costumes and blocks. Its so nice to see him play with friends!

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