Friday, October 21, 2011


Mud is very nice to feel
All squishy-squash between the toes!
I'd rather wade in wiggly mud
Than smell a yellow rose.
Nobody else but the rosebush knows
How nice mud feels
Between the toes.
---Polly Chase Boyden

It is NOT the season for playing in the mud but the only way to enjoy mud is barefoot...In my humble opinion

I have always loved being barefoot. My dad picked on me when I always insisted J wear socks and shoes as a baby because I never did. We were in a very different climate Dad!
There are probably hundreds of reasons to be barefoot! This guy Tom A. Kutscher put 125 reasons with references! Check out the link!
Sure shoes protect your feet from from cuts, bruises, extreme temperature, parasites, fungi, and can be fashionable, but there are also problems that they are finding might be due to shoes. There is enough interest in the healthier feet of the barefoot there are more and more "barefoot shoes" coming out. Earlier this year they did a study and determined "Running Barefoot Creates Less Collision Force Than Running in Cushioned Shoes"
There is a few myths and laws that are a bit upsetting to me about barefoot.
  1. Shoes are a sign of does that mean barefooters(people who choose to go barefoot in public) aren't civilized?
  2. Being barefoot is a sign of poverty...pretty sure lots of barefoot people have the means to wear shoes if they like.
  3. The no shoes no service law is believed to have been started to deny hippies(who were shoeless as a sign of innocence) service, but this started the idea that being barefoot is extremely dirty.
  4. Several of the laws that actually DO exist are just for employees

E and I took a barefoot walk on Monday, it was tough work! I made it .6 miles then felt the need to turn around. There is a Hiking group that meets and walks the beach for I think 3 miles. I have never done it with them but met a lady who had and she said some of them go barefoot but they say it is harder. To me walking in sand is like swimming with flippers then taking them off and swimming some more it seems to take forever to get anywhere! I really did enjoy it though and am thinking we will be trying it again next week!

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