Friday, October 14, 2011

Things they say

I am sure all kids go through phases where they can't or won't say things right.
Today's Blog Post is about some of my favorites by my oldest(only because the little one isn't talking yet)

Tao and Cray the Cow and Pig
These we corrected SO many times you have no idea, they are cute but Brother-In-Laws girl friend at the time,now fiancee(I think I got that right, since she is the woman engaged)name is Crey! Didn't want a name and dirty animal confusion. He has a frog that was called Kwain, but all of these are said correctly now.

Probably my favorite is the Key Octopus
We correct it on occasion, but I like it. He came up with it all on his own and I think it shows his creativity, understanding and knowledge. Obviously its keys, he knows that, but he also knows what an octopus is and that it has several legs and understands if you spread the keys out you get something that resembles an octopus.

This is a newer one Blue or Mine
He knows is a DS or he used to call it a Game, but he thinks that we say no to Game too much and I think he thought by changing what he called it might change how often we say 'no, you can't play DS right now'

He calls this one Dad's
We correct this also, he is very quiet or doesn't finish saying what he wants if he thinks the answer is no, drives me nuts but I am pretty sure I probably did that too.

Australia...or any other version
He keeps getting closer and closer to getting his sisters name right! He says it wrong over and over so much he will get Nick and I tripping up on it though.

This picture hangs on our fridge. He LOVES it talks about it and describes it all the time. So glad we bought one, this was the first time we went to the zoo and they made sure to get the littlest on in the photo. He calls it
Dad Went To The Zoo
This has been corrected from Your Dad Went To The Zoo Random I have never been to Disneyland and its only 45mins away, the magnet was a gift

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