Friday, October 7, 2011

The P word


Well tomorrow is "little J dog's" 4 birthday is tomorrow. He isn't getting a big party or even a little one just a family day with cake presents and a few special things for him like a trip to a candy store or frozen yogurt maybe the zoo. Why? Because I procrastinated...yup, me, all my fault. When he started school I wanted to give him time to make his friends and get used to the schedule. I let it go too long, this week(week #5 of school) I realized he has a few friends and it is kinda late to throw a party together, pretty sure their parents would like more than a few days warning.
This week I also noticed the coupon for what I had been planning for us with or without friends is now gone! Yay! NOT!

So decided to start getting things together, the house is clean and I can't find the coupon so just move on! Cake! I wanted a special cake, chose a dragon because I know I have done it before not too complicated. I want to make a carrot cake, because I can easily cut sugar back(3/4 the sugar in the cake and 1/2 the sugar in the frosting and it is still yummy) I have done this before, its what we did for his first birthday. I forgot how much help I had with his first birthday. I started grating the carrots as soon as I got home from dropping him off and put the second cake in just before running to pick him up. He is at school for 3 hours!

I did manage to get his gifts wrapped while he was at school this time...but yesterday I took them out and didn't get to it and he was NOT thrilled he couldn't have the toys that were on my bed...OOPS! One of them has been in my closet since midsummer I can't believe I not only let him see it after we decided to save it for his birthday but dug it out and left it on the bed!

Something I didn't procrastinate at...well yes I did E could have had her 6mos appt a few weeks ago but I got J in a day before his birthday and guess what....Doctor said no shots till he is 4 or he will have to have the same ones again in order to get into school! UGH! So I will have to pull Jesse out of class next week to get shots? I am kinda thinking of skipping it, it would be the same as him getting them today.
I also didn't procrastinate too much on the cake, it is done and his birthday is tomorrow...but honestly not sure when I would do it if I hadn't already done it. We have our first AWANA tonight so that leaves his birthday...I would much rather be doing something fun with him instead of baking and arguing with Artist over how to bake and decorate the cake! I did clean up after making the choice really there either, the ants invaded when it was rainy this week and haven't evacuated yet...a bit of Cali I can't stand...but all in all still is far better than I expected!

Ah, and the kids...they procrastinate too, just now napping and we only have 45min till least its not all my fault the artist is BAD and does all homework last minute!

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