Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving Part 2 & Black Friday

I know its a week late, I never got to it last week, then got another cold...I am about to win this battle!<---sorry excuses are like behinds....
So not real sure what I had planned to blog about in my part 2 but I am a HUGE fan of pictures
So onto Black Friday and we will go back to this picture if need be...gotta get my random in ;-)

I do not Black Friday shop, I don't know the last time I did but even then it was a just to get out of the house and walk not a MUST GET THIS DEAL! I can pretty much sum it all up in one sentence...Nothing in a store is worth risking yourself for! This year there were other shootings, robbery attempts, stampedes, arrests, pepper-spraying, and fights and in previous years employees have been trampled to death...really nothing in there worth risking that! I think my opinion on the thought of risking yourself has gotten stronger now that I have kids I need to take care of myself in order to take care of them, but (now we go back to the picture) my kids don't even need those things for it to feel special all day Thanksgiving J kept asking me if it was Christmas because all the food on the table.
5 reasons not to shop

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