Friday, August 12, 2011

Amber & Hazel

Baltic amber and hazelwood, I had heard a bit about both and that they were good for teething babies. Since Estrella is teething I looked into them and decided to get her a necklace with both. I also got myself one to see if I could tell if it works and because I love the look of them. I ordered them from Hazelaid because I wanted to be sure I was getting the right kind of amber on the necklace.

Baltic amber I read someplace and now am not too sure where is supposed to leak a natural painkilling oils into the skin

Hazelwood is supposed to absorb excess acids from the body and I know I got that from info on there site or info that came with the necklaces. Since it absorbing it can only absorb so much, this page on there site answers questions about when and how to tell and includes a photo

So Do they work?
I have read online people who notice a difference in a short period and people who say they don't do anything or make things worse.
For Estrella I can't really tell if her teething is bothering her any more or less. She seems to fuss about the same maybe a bit less, but maybe her pain tolerance has increased since she has had to deal with the teething pain for a while now. One thing I have noticed a big change in is how often she does #2(I read somewhere the hazelwood could help with constipation but now can't find it) she had been going about once every 5 days, but now is going every other day that also could be associated with the teething itself but I truly think its the necklace that I bought too big so is worn on her wrist.
I don't have any consistent pains that I can put on the necklace and know for sure it helped or if it went away on its own, I suffer from headaches and heartburn on occasion, I do think it helps with both but can't be too sure.
I wouldn't say they are magical and you notice a difference right away like some people claim, but I would recommend them because I do think they work!

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