Friday, August 26, 2011

edible dough

More than cookies I love cookie dough!

Random tidbit/theory from Heather Cookie can be spelled Cooky spellcheck doesn't like it though, we use ie because when plural like they normally are it would change from a y to ies. Nick and I have cookbooks with several cooky recipes but most are plural cookies since they do make more than one cooky!
Onto the edible dough! I know I am not the only cookie dough fan in the world but we all have to worry about that nasty thing raw eggs can give us called salmonella! I read a few years back that you can make an egg replacer out of flax seed(and that stuff is so good for you why not!) So the first time I tried it I mixed the water and flax meal and set it aside for a bit like the directions I found at the time said...I think it worked but not so well I was thrilled about the outcome and wanted to try it again soon.
The other day I was making some "Milk Maker Cookies" (I said that when I couldn't think of the word lactation and like it better than Lactation Cookies) and didn't have enough eggs. Remembering I could use flax seed but didn't remember the water to flax meal ratio or how much for one egg, I looked it up and "hey!" there is a trick to it!
Flax seed meal egg replacer is a 1:3 ratio so one egg it 1Tbsp flax seed meal and 2-3Tbsp water and simmer it on the stove till it reaches an egg like consistency!
You can use flax seeds, 1:4 ratio but you need to blend the seeds in a blender(make your own flax meal) and then mix in the water.
You can make a large batch of either and store it in the fridge for a short time to use when needed
Important: Flax seed needs to be stored in an airtight container or in the fridge in order to keep the beneficial oil from drying out

So after successfully using this vegan friendly egg replacer I thought "Well what else would I need to eliminate to make cookies entirely vegan friendly?" Butter! that's not hard people have been using applesauce in place of butter for years.
If I hadn't fed my little star all the applesauce I would be attempting Vegan Milk Maker cookies right now!

When I do get some apple sauce I will be trying this recipe. She has already substituted the butter out.

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