Friday, September 23, 2011

Bizarre Item

Our family has an item we use all around the house but not something most people see everyday.
It was invented in the 1700's
Patented in the 1800's
Modernized in the 1850's
Some people collect them (not us we just use them)
Simple enough Jesse knows how to use them
Safe enough to be used in children's projects or games but can also make mini weapons
  Any guesses?
We use them on curtains, as toys, as mini weapons, on bags they are designed for....
File:City hall and clothespin.JPG
hanging clothes! That's right clothes pins I don't know what our family would do without them! When our curtains are pulled back they have a clothes pin holding them. Jesse is always running off with a clothes pin to play with or pin things up or closed or whatever. We only have one chip clip and we use it on the cat food, all other bags of food (human food) are kept closed with a clothes pin. Nick has made a few little weapons with them, the one I remember threw darts. Finally the diapers...and a few other clothing items I choose to hang!

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