Friday, June 10, 2011

Dealing with Stress

After parents left last week (they had been here for a visit and to meet my little girl for the first time) I came down with a cold(I forgot my vitamins the last part of the week they were here and we were going, going, going) Along with that and getting back into my daily routine and the daily stresses I deal with, something serious coming up was not what I needed, and of course is what I got.
My sister texted me that her son was med-flighted out because he got into the dogs epilepsy meds. He is doing well, back home and back to normal now, but at the time my family and the crew in the ER had thought he had taken 4X a fatal dose...I think I was extra stressed because when I did actually talk to my sister she seemed irrationally calm, I know it was part shock and part confidence in the medical staff(she works with them) That day was very cloudy and I just didn't have energy, didn't go shopping, didn't get dressed(horrible I know) and napped as much as the kids let me(I am blessed to have such good kids that will lay down with mommy all day if that's what she needs) That night I just couldn't stop my mind from going ridiculous places and after how tired I felt that day I realized I was depressed. The next day I didn't feel much better but we NEEDED food so I forced myself to get up, dressed, and out of the house (I know this will always make me feel better but why does it take so much energy and willpower to do it when you don't have too LOL) bought too much comfort foods, but hey, we have food now :D Last night my brain wouldn't stop again but I got up and played a video game to keep it occupied enough so it didn't take me off into the deep end again.
Fridays are my "Day off" meaning I don't have chores assigned so I only do what 'needs' done, so I planned yesterday we would go to the beach...of course today is the coldest and cloudiest it has been all week but we needed to get out. So after doing the chores that needed done I packed us a lunch and headed out. My oldest had a blast(he would probably have fun at the beach in the rain) the little one slept and I got out of the house and got some cloud filtered rays of light!

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