Friday, June 24, 2011

No 'poo'

Shortly before I started blogging was the time I decided (again) there were a few more steps I could go toward crunchy without being as extreme as family cloth, which I have mentioned a time or two to the "unbelievably not so crunchy outdoor survivalist" hubby. Over the past year I had heard quite a bit about Dr Bronners and more recently a bit about no'poo' shampoo. I decided one day I was going to try it! Why not? I have the no'poo' supplies and use them just about every day cleaning anyway. The idea from my understanding is to teach your body to make just the right amount of oils you need instead of stripping all the oils and then needing conditioner. I tried to take pictures everyday but this was also about the same time I started getting very stressed. After about a week and a half to two I just happened to see some Dr Bronners so I bought it and tried it a few times, love the stuff but it just isn't for my hair. Another day I was in a rush to get out the door and washed my hair with shampoo because I didn't have baking soda in the bathroom, it of course did as it normally did looked fine the next day but if I end up near any moisture it ends up looking oily in minutes. So this week I just had to go back to no'poo' I was in love and only in a matter of weeks.

How To No'Poo'

Wash 1Tbsp of Baking Soda mixed into a cup of water
pour it on and massage into your scalp

rinse out

Condition 1Tbsp of vinegar mixed into a cup of water

pour it on and massage into your scalp

rinse out

Does Vinegar really condition your hair? Yes, yes it does! How? I don't know LOL but when I do use it my hair is easy to comb through wet and when I don't well its not.

Changes(I have read about them but not tried them)
use a tea like chamomile instead of water
put a few drops of your favorite essential oil or honey into the conditioner

these can just add that scent some people need to know they are clean but also can have a different effect like pulling out natural highlights

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