Friday, June 3, 2011

The Start

My very first blog!

I did a few vlogs while pregnant with my second child, I was horrible at remembering and keeping up to date, no promises this will be any better ;-)

I named my blog 'Random like me' because I know it will be. If you know me you know I am pretty random and pretty much imposible to keep on track. I got that from my family, my mom sister and I can hold 3 conversations and switch at random and never be lost. My poor dad is still, after nearly 30yrs of having girls, 3 conversations behind and always confused about what we are talking about.

About me:

  • I have been married for 5 years, of those we have spent over 2yrs apart due to deployments. We are both out of the Army now and happy to be spending as much time as possible with our little family.

  • I am presently a mother of two, boy first then a girl (King's Choice is what I have been told)

  • I have gone through spurts of trying to be healthier and crunchier not necessarily at the same time

See, Random, like me!

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