Friday, June 17, 2011


I thought of some random things to make a short blog about on Fridays I am lazy or just don't know what to blog about. Today its lazyness

Something with an interesting story

My mother-in-law wanted to crochet blankets for her grandkids born this year. She tried to learn and didn't do so hot so she had them make them at the quilters circle at work...She works in a prison so this and 2 jakets 2 bonnets and 4 booties were made for Esterella by inmates. She got 2 of the clothing sets because once she was born and they found out I had a girl they decided that the first set wasn't feminine enough. I love the quilt each square has the star pattern they tried to replicate with the blue squares. This is one of 2 gifts for Estrella that were made before she was born and even before we had even agreed on a name. I think the stars are special, she was destined to be a star!

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