Friday, July 1, 2011

No post!

Today is blog day. As I have mentioned before, I have a list of stuff to blog about for when I can't come up with anything, but today I just didn't feel like doing any of them and was not sure what I was going to blog about. Come to find out I really don't have to, someone else did it for me :D
Last week on a diaper board I frequent someone came up with a challenge to come up with diapers out of non-diaper items...maybe what you would use in an emergency ran out of diapers or didn't do diaper laundry situation. She sent me a message asking if she could use the photos of Estrella in her blog! Estrella is #4-7 in 17photos of babies in non-diaper diapers thought up by other cloth diapering moms and dads. She of course is the star in my humble opinion :D

Kinda bummed I had a nice post written up and it didn't publish and hadn't saved so this is only bare bones since I have no idea how I creatively worded it the first time

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