Friday, July 29, 2011

Reusable Shopping Bags

The #1 reason I hadn't converted to all reusable bags is because I can't stand the material most of them are made of! They look flimsy like they will rip to shreds as soon as a small tear starts. So last month they had USO bags at the store...I am a huge fan of the USO (probably helps that I have been on the receiving end) so I bought one to support them. It was very cheap and I got used to having it and I regret only buying one and now they don't have them anymore. I finally decided I needed more and if they weren't USO bags I wasn't going to pay more than a dollar for a bag made of the material I don't like. I looked and looked online at at stores around and none (including the ones made of material I don't like) are that cheap. So I decide I can sew what is stopping me? So I decide to look for a tutorial for the simplest bag since I seem to give up on things that take too long, embarrassing to admit but true! I found a tutorial on Martha Stewart to make a bag out of a t-shirt.
Super simple

1.) Turn the shirt inside out or so the side you want on the outside is inside.
2.) Sew a seam or two across the bottom.
3.) Place a fairly large bowl on the neck, mark it and cut it(to provide a larger hole to place thins into the bag
4.) Cut the sleeves off.
5.) Optional hem around the edges of the sleeve and neck holes.
6.) Turn it back right side out!

I have chosen to embroider mine...not finished since my hoop broke

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