Friday, July 15, 2011

So Much Stuff!

The last few weeks have been BUSY! July 1st we dined in our "downtown" area, the first Friday of the month they close the street and put tables in the middle and gourmet food trucks come in. It was our first time going and we all had a blast!
A few days later my sister and nephew flew in for a week!(Why I didn't blog last week) On Monday, the fourth, of course we went to a local Independence Day Parade, my nephew is VERY into music and enjoyed dancing in the street whenever he heard music and had the chance. Then of course you have to keep guests occupied so I took them around town a bit. I also had 2 meet ups with moms in the area (a fairly local group that just started up and had planned two meet ups while they were here) I was thrilled to drag my sister along to those since I get paranoid about going out and meeting people....pretty sure I have more than one form of social anxiety.

Its nice that in a city as big as Los Angeles there can be a true since of community, both the First Fridays and the Independence Day Parade were within walking distance and full of people who are local and know each other, or are willing to sit and be a friend. I look forward to more meet ups with the moms group, and making friends(been here 2yrs its about time LOL) I was a bit worried meeting them since most of them are first time moms. I have noticed the longer your a mom the more your parenting style changes and that we wouldn't see eye to eye on a lot of things, but a lot of them are a bit older(not teen or early 20's moms) and are very open to hearing how other parents view things and why and are not all crazy saying this is the best because I read this....<---sorry I got really off on ranting a bit

Oh yeah and this Friday...this day I is Nick and my 6th anniversary!

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