Friday, July 22, 2011

Weight Ugh!

I wanted a nice easy lazy topic since I was up all last night tossing cookies, but I am too lazy to find my list of stuff for when I can't think of a topic.
Weight Loss or Maintaining Weight becomes harder as you get older and even more so after you have kids. Love 'em to death but man they make loosing that extra you put on to carry them around and protect them hard...especially when they get older and picky and only want macaroni and cheese. I tried Weight Watchers before getting pregnant with Estrella, and after about a week I was stressed and gave up...yeah pathetic I know! I went back to calorie counting it can be stressful too but its so much easier to figure out, especially in California where calories are posted EVERYWHERE! After she was born I managed to get back down to pre-pregnancy weight, but that didn't last I gained some more back...ugh! I have been counting calories most days but in the back of my mind I know Weight Watchers is healthier its not about not eating too many calories its about eating healthier and making healthier food and lifestyle choices. So I tried for a few days and was stressed again. I was told I should look into the New Weight Watchers you get more points but I couldn't wrap my head around that more points and still loosing...How would/could that work? I finally looked into it today and again its one of those things (like the making healthier choices) that just makes so much since the calculating points is totally different, so of course the number of points you get will change...since I just looked into this today I can't say one way or another if it is any less stressful for me but stress while trying to provide food for a picky eater, a nursling and myself and husband is not what I want on my plate, I am hoping that since it makes so much since it is going to be a little more stress free...wish me luck as I try yet again something new that I might give up on

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